The CSCA is a registered Canadian charity. Donations play a critical and dominant role in furthering and promoting the work and witness of the CSCA. In fact, with CSCA registration fee on par with the ASA, no part of the membership fee supports the CSCA directly. This leaves donations as the primary funding source for what is unique to CSCA.

Please note: Membership renewals are different from donations; renew online or by cheque as described at our “Join” page.

Anyone can donate directly to your local chapter through CSCA and get a charitable donation tax receipt:

  • It used to be that 50% of all donations to local chapters had to go to CSCA’s National Account, but we have changed things now so that 100% of any donation can go to just your chapter.
  • To do so online, go through the “Donate Now” link and indicate which chapter, if any, under “MESSAGE FOR CANADIAN SCIENTIFIC …”).
  • We’ve made this change this so that people will be more encouraged to donate to local chapters. One caveat, however, is that if everybody donates to chapters and the National CSCA Account has no money, then we will need to revisit this. But for now it’s 100%. (There is no reason that a person cannot still choose to designate some percentage of their donation to the National Account anyway.)

There are several convenient ways to make your donation to the CSCA.

1) Donate online in Canadian dollars using this button:

Donate Now Through!

2) Donate via cheque sent to the CSCA’s mailing address: (If desired, you can designate a specific chapter in writing.)

P.O. Box 63082
University Plaza
Dundas, ON  L9H 6Y3

3) Donate online in US dollars through the ASA web site, via this link. (Note: This will list “CSCA” as the “Campaign/Fund”.)

Tax donation receipts will be provided regardless of method used, and are applicable to all Canadian residents.

Your support is both vital and deeply appreciated.