How do I join the CSCA?

To become a member of the CSCA, simply go to the main ASA membership registration page, select your membership type, and set up your membership account. All CSCA members are also members of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) in the corresponding membership category.

You may pay for your membership online at the ASA site, or simply mail in your payment in Canadian dollars to the CSCA at  Post Office Box 63082 University Plaza,  Dundas, Ontario L9H 6Y3.  You may also renew your membership online, or mail in your renewal payment to the CSCA. (The Canadian and US dollar will be treated at par for all membership registrations and renewals).

If you have any questions about membership, or the application process, please email Bob Geddes, Secretary/Treasurer of the CSCA, and he will be glad to assist you.

Full, voting membership is open to all persons with at least a bachelor’s degree in science who can give assent to our statement of faith. Science is interpreted broadly to include anthropology, archeology, economics, engineering, history, mathematics, medicine, psychology, and sociology as well as the generally recognized science disciplines. Philosophers and theologians who are interested in science are very welcome.

Associate membership is available to interested nonscientists who can give assent to our statement of faith. Associates receive all member benefits and publications and take part in all the affairs of the CSCA except voting and holding office.

Full-time students may join as Student Members (science majors) with voting privileges or as Student Associates (non-science majors) with no voting privileges. Retired individuals qualify for a reduced rate. Full-time overseas missionaries are entitled to complimentary Associate membership in the CSCA.

An individual wishing to participate in the CSCA without joining as a member or giving assent to our statement of faith, may become a Friend of the CSCA. Friends receive all member benefits and publications and take part in all the affairs of the CSCA except voting and holding office.

In addition, an individual can become a Follower or a Subscriber of the CSCA. Followers receive all the free mailings and meeting notices. Subscribers, and all membership types, receive a subscription to the journal Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith.

CSCA members have the option of paying for their membership in Canadian dollars by cheque through the Canadian office at par with the US dollar. They may also pay online by credit card through the main ASA membership page.

For reference the basic membership categories are outlined here and described on the registration page.

Follower Free
Full Member $85
Associate Member $85
Student Member or Associate (Basic) Free
Student Member or Associate (Premium) $20
Friend $85
Retired Member $45
Spousal Rate $15
Full-time overseas missionary Free

Once again, you can join via the ASA registration page.

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  1. interested in the June conference, might well become a retired member or friend, whatever?

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