Please follow this guide to start your local CSCA chapter today!

  1. We need three interested CSCA members in your area.
    • If you don’t know of any other interested people, we can help connect you to them! Please contact Mark McEwan ( to find out!
    • At least two of these folks must be either Full or Associate Members (“retired” is fine too, so long as the membership is current).
    • One of the three may be a Student Member (Basic or Premier), if necessary.
    • One of the three must be willing to be the “local contact” for your chapter (see expectations and resources).
  2. Fill out and submit the application form.
  3. Our Project Development Officer will contact you.
    • You will be given a Local Chapters Kit, including:
      1. Guidelines for hosting events.
      2. Basic financial guidelines.
      3. Templates for advertising events.
      4. And more!
  4. Start hosting your events!