As mentioned in our Local Chapter Formation guide, each new chapter needs to choose a local contact who can communication with our Project Development Officer.


The local contact is a member of CSCA, who:

  • is very responsive to emails from our Project Development Officer (PDO) and Executive Council members
  • maintains contact with other key figures in the chapter
  • works with others to plan events, invite speakers
  • reports expenses, requesting reimbursement (via receipts) from PDO
  • understands limitations of resources.

The following are also assets:

  • social media presence
  • access to suitable rooms (hopefully at no charge) to hold events
  • encouraging people to join, donate to CSCA.


This is what the CSCA can do for you, mostly through our Local Chapters Project.

  • for duration of Local Chapters Project (2016-18): (up to) $500/event for two events per year (certain restrictions apply, more details upon request).
  • This can be supplemented by donations. (Remember: all donations are tax-receiptable.)
  • Video equipment provided by PDO
  • Information / guidance on how to hold a local event
  • Preparation of event pages on CSCA’s Facebook and web sites.
  • Help with promotional posters, PowerPoint slides, Church bulletins.
  • Provide funding for student mentoring meals (covering cost of a dinner for eight plus an honorarium for the scientist mentor).