40th Anniversary!

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Forty years. A biblical generation. That is long enough to be clear that no one individual has carried the CSCA. The only persons that have been at the centre all the way through have been the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For our Lord’s calling, work, and encouragement we are thankful. To mark the occasion of our 40th anniversary, the CSCA Executive Council has produced a special newsletter. As we reflect in this newsletter on those forty years, we have the privilege of hearing from Dan Osmond, one of our three signing founders. He served ably on the Council for over thirty years. In his …

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A Manual for Leading a Research Group

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In September 2012, James Peterson hosted a CSCA student and faculty reception at McMaster that was centred on a discussion of the article “What I Wish My Pastor Knew About…The Life of a Scientist”, by Andy Crouch. At one point, Andy Crouch writes, “With the collaborative practice of science come the joys as well as the challenges of managing many people’s priorities, expectations, egos, abilities, and limitations” (page 4, column 2). This reminded me of my long held opinion that Paul wrote the best manual for leading a research group, that is 1 Corinthians 12. Paraphrasing: “A research group should …