Providence University College, Providence Theological Seminary, and the CSCA are pleased to present Patrick Franklin (PhD, McMaster Divinity College) in a special evening with desserts and music! Speaker: Patrick Franklin, Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics, Providence Seminary, Otterburne, MB. He is … Continue reading

The Network of Christian Scholars and Wycliffe College are hosting a live dialogue between CSCA member Dr. Denis O. Lamoureux, well-known Intelligent Design advocate Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, and prominent physicist and critic of theism, Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss. (more details on speakers here) Join us … Continue reading

Apologetics Canada’s upcoming eastern conference will include several talks that may be of interest to CSCA members.  There are two different conference locations: Barrie, ON (Apr 22-23): Tim Barnett, “Discovering God’s Fingerprint in a Fine-Tuned Universe” Don Wallar, “7 Challenges in Origin of … Continue reading