Scholarship Winner’s Reflection: Timothy Opperman

The CSCA is once again offering five scholarships of up to $1600 each to send Canadian students to science-religion conferences of their choosing. Here is a reflection from Timothy Opperman (Regent College, Vancouver), one of 2016’s winners.

Timothy Opperman attended the 75th Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation (July 22 – 25, 2016, Azusa Pacific University).

Timothy (right) with Denis Lamoureux at ASA 2016.

I had a fantastic time attending the annual conference of the American Scientific Affiliation, and I felt particularly fortunate that my first time was the 75 Anniversary of the ASA. My mind was spinning with excitement as I arrived at Azusa Pacific University, and I had high expectations of quality lectures and presentations, as well as hope for some genuine connections with fellow attendees. I am pleased to say that my expectations were thoroughly exceeded. Not only were the presentations engaging and challenging, but I also met some of the most fascinating people from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Every element combined into an excellent experience that I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in the intersection of science and religion. Continue reading


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The beliefs of many Christians today are being challenged by genomic evidence of human evolution. On February 21, Dr. Dennis Venema, Biology professor at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC, and Dr. Scot McKnight, Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois, will explore this provocative topic at a free public talk in Langley.

One of the traditional, core Christian beliefs is that humans are direct, supernatural creations descended uniquely from a single ancestral couple: Adam and Eve. However, today this view is coming under pressure from genomic evidence indicating that humans evolved and descend from a much larger population. This raises serious questions not only for Christian readings of Genesis, but also for how Adam & Eve are understood by New Testament voices, such as Jesus and the apostle Paul.

Dr. Venema and Dr. McKnight have taken this matter by the horns in their brand new book, Adam and the Genome: Reading Scripture after Genetic Science (Brazos, 2017). Their talk will explore the genomics evidence for evolution and consider its implications for evangelical faith, witness, and interpretation of Scripture.

Adam and the Genome: An Evening with Scot McKnight and Dennis Venema
7:00PM-9:30PM, Tuesday, February 21
South Langley Church, 20098 22nd Avenue, Langley, BC, V2Z 1X4
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Event Sponsors: Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation, TWU Faith & Science Club, Humanitas Anabaptist-Mennonite Centre, & House of James

About CSCA: Conversations on science and faith, as well as debates and internet trolling, are often found in our national and local media. The Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (CSCA) seeks to bring such conversations to a more fruitful level. Many Canadian scientists, working in government laboratories, public and private universities, industry, and medicine are Bible-believing Christians and participate fully in the international scientific community.

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Project Newsletter: First Year in Review

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 14.58.17CSCA folks are encouraged to read our January 2017 newsletter. Here you can read our report on the first year of our Local Chapters Project and some exciting developments as we begin our second year.

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ASA 2017 Call for Abstracts

CSCA members are encouraged to submit abstract for this year’s annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation (July 28–31, 2017 at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado).
ASA2017ABSTRACT DEADLINE: February 15, 2017

This year’s meeting theme is “Exploring New Heights for Science & Stewardship,” and it will also feature the latest research in other areas of physical, biological, and agricultural sciences, and engineering and technology education relating to the theme.


  • ASA Scholarships: A number of members have graciously provided funding for a limited number of scholarships. Scholarships are available to early career and student ASA members on a first-come, first-served basis. (All CSCA members are ASA members.) Detailed information and application are available under the Annual Meeting tab on the ASA website.
  • CSCA Scholarships: For student members of the CSCA, our own scholarship is also an option.

Details & Submission Form Here

  • Energy, Water, and Environment: Technical presentations on uses, sources, and transmission/ distribution of energy; research on water, air, land, wildlife, and ecology overall
  • Ethics and Economics of Creation Care/Sustainability: Presentations focused on the ethics and economics of energy, water, environment, and people
  • Educating Students and Faculty: Presentations on new ideas in educating Christian students about science and technology, secular faculty about Christianity, and science education in churches and home schools
  • Engineering and Applied Technology: Technically focused presentations on engineering research or projects, technology in service to the poor
  • Exploring Physical Sciences: Geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, other earth sciences
  • Exploring Biological and Agricultural Sciences: Medical research, life sciences, plant and soil science, other agricultural research
  • Theology and Other Areas: Theological and philosophical insights

Tom McLeish Visits BC’s Lower Mainland

Our CSCA Vancouver chapter is very pleased to have Dr. Tom McLeish of Durham University, UK visit us this fall! From October 31 to Nov 3, Tom will be giving a number of public talks in BC’s Lower Mainland (details below).

Tom McLeish is Professor of Physics at Durham University and also chairs the Royal Society’s education committee. After a first degree in physics and PhD (1987) in polymer physics at Cambridge University, a lectureship at Sheffield University, in complex fluid physics, lead to a chair at Leeds University from 1993.

McLeish takes a fresh approach to the science and religion debate, taking a scientist’s reading of the enigmatic and beautiful Book of Job as a centrepiece, and asking what science might ultimately be for. Rather than conflicting with faith, science can be seen as a deeply religious activity, and the current form of a deep and continuous thread in human culture. He longs to equip churches to work with science as God’s gift, and for secular scientists to see the search for wisdom about the world in science.

His research interests include: (i) molecular rheology of polymeric fluids); (ii) macromolecular biological physics; (iii) issues of theology, ethics and history of science. He has published over 180 scientific papers and reviews, and is in addition regularly involved in science-communication with the public, including lectures and workshops on science and faith. In 2014 OUP published his book Faith and Wisdom in Science. He has been a Reader in the Anglican Church since 1993, in the dioceses of Ripon and York.

Lecture Tour of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia:
(More info on McLeish and the tour in general here.)


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