Scholarship Winner’s Reflection: Dayna Nelson

The CSCA is once again offering five scholarships of up to $1600 each to send Canadian students to science-religion conferences of their choosing. Here is a reflection from Dayna Nelson (B.A. cand., University of Waterloo), one of 2016’s winners.

Dayna Nelson attended the 75th Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation (July 22 – 25, 2016, Azusa Pacific University).


Andrew Reeves, Colborne Kemna, Dayna Nelson, and Timothy Opperman at ASA 2016.

ASA 2016 was a fantastic success, and it was my favourite of the conferences I’ve attended so far. The theme “Brain, Mind and Faith” was of particular interest to me because it focused on the interplay between psychology and religion–topics that are normally handled separately in my studies. Since I have not had the opportunity to study these in an integrated fashion, I was more than thrilled to explore it, albeit briefly, here.
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Thoughts on “Is Genesis History?”

by Bob Geddes

Bob GeddesI will be dating myself here: many, many years ago, actor Lily Tomlin, a master of many comedic roles, would portray a precocious five-year old girl named Edith Ann. Sitting in a vastly oversized chair, she would regale listeners with stories about her daily adventures, which often included her dog Buster. She would end each segment by saying “And that’s the truth,” followed by a moist, lip-induced raspberry. We are in a time where there is much focus on what is truth and what is factual. “Fake news” is a daily buzzword.

American Del Tackett, founder of “The Truth Project,” is the feature commentator of a movie creating another buzz in some Christian circles, entitled “Is Genesis History?”. I have not seen the movie, although it is being shown in selected Canadian cities on Tuesday, March 14. As a former geologist and retired minister, I have received a few emails seeking my advice on whether one should go see it. While not yet having access to the movie, I do trust those who have given it a geological review. Continue reading